Yoga For You by VEENA

Yoga For You by VEENA

For a calm mind and a healthy body


  • Prior clearance by medical professional to engage in the practice of yoga. Tutorial not recommended for pregnant woman.
  • Introduction manual (covered in this course- Lecture 1 to Lecture 10) needs to be understood and learnt as a starting point to familiarize oneself before practising Yoga
  • Allocate adequate time to obtain benefit from the practice of Yoga


Today’s stress has become a synonym to describing an individual’s life. We are working 24/7 and are subject to stress, both physically and mentally, resulting in disturbance, disharmony and disease. Sedentary lifestyles, long hours at the desk, routine and mundane activites combined with poor dietary and exercise regimes have made us increasingly vulnerable to disorders of the body and mind. The current COVID 19 pandemic has changed many equations across the world subjecting us humans to lock-downs, social distancing, isolations and state protocols leading to an immense change in social life and communinity interactions. This has added to anxiety and unrest.

It is a very well known fact that in any disease our own immunity plays a pivotal role to maintain health and fitness that is so important to quality of life and living. People enjoying high immunity are always better prepared with their bodies ably fighting disease and health challenges. The answer for this is our own proven ancient science Yoga, which can show us the path in these tough times to help us improve our immunity manifold.

Through this lecture and practice series I am literally reaching your home to promote Yoga for improving your immunity and well being through  this forum.

This course is comprised of  Yoga  Practices (Hatha Yoga practices Kriya, Mudra, Bandha, Asana & Pranayama following the principles of Maharishi Patanjali).

I would like to introduce myself as a qualified yoga teacher based in Mumbai, India. I have a Diploma in Yogic Education (TTC) from Yoga Vidya Niketan (recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra, India) and have been teaching yoga since 2005 having conducted workshops for individuals, schools, colleges, corporates and non-government organization(s). I also conduct yoga and meditation classes on a daily basis for individuals of all age groups. I am also a trained counsellor.


A yoga mat

One or two yoga blocks

Two small cushions

A cloth belt

Straight back Chair

Water bottle

Face towel

Music as per individual choice

A lot of time for yourself


1. Surya Namaskar

Chair Surya Namaskar -Basic Level

Standing Surya Namaskar -Basic Level

Surya Namaskar with Shashankasana (The Hare Posture)-Basic Level

Traditional Surya Namaskar -Intermidiate Level

Self created variation of Surya Namaskar-Higher Level

2. Eye yoga

3. Face yoga

4. Full body warm-ups

5. Abs/Pilates

6. Asanas-Basic/Intermediate/Higher Level

7. Rhythmic yoga

8. Cleansing Practices

9. Three in one asana

10. Pranayamas

11. Bandhas

12. Meditation

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and everyone barring pregnant woman and those prevented by medical advise
  • Good for those wanting to improve mind and body coordination, for stress management and for improving lung and overall body and mind health

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