Win Them Over with Web Video Part 2

Win Them Over with Web Video Part 2

Comprehensive course and coaching- Learn web video and SEO basics so that you can rank higher in search engine results.


This is the most comprehensive Web Video Production course to follow up with the free overview. WIN ‘EM OVER WITH WEB VIDEO PART 2: Stand Out and Move Up in Search Engine Results with Effective Web Video (HOW TO PREVENT A RAIN OUT ON YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS WITH WEB VIDEO):  This is a beginner-friendly course for busy professionals who want to learn how to create effective web video AND boost their search engine optimization efforts. Students will learn the basics of web video production and search engine optimization. This course provides video, screen records, and sample files for busy professionals who want the most essential information presented to them in a manner that can be quickly and easily digested and applied in under a half day (4 hours). After successful completion, students will learn video production and SEO for Video basics.

The course instructor is Kamala Appel, aka “the key” in KEA Productions. She has produced numerous documentary-style web videos for small business owners and non-profit organizations since 2002. Ms. Appel worked in Hollywood in licensing at Universal Studios and Business Affairs at International Creative Management (ICM) and in programming at the Sundance Film Festival. She is a graduate of Yale University and where earned a BA in American Studies with a concentration in Film Studies and USC’s School of Cinema-Television, now Cinematic Arts, where she earned her Master’s degree.  She is also a certified SEO Practitioner.

“What I love most about producing videos for small business owners and nonprofits is the opportunity to work with passionate professionals who are experts in their field. I feel very fortunate to be able to use my skills as a visual storyteller to help others. Unfortunately, I am not able to help every worthy business owner out there because not everyone can afford to hire a professional like myself to produce a video for them.  That is why I decided to develop a course that could empower more businesses, start ups, and nonprofits compete and share their passion with the world.”

Ms. Appel has been a faculty member at a number of accredited offline colleges throughout the State of California.  As an experienced film and multimedia instructor, she takes into consideration the three main learning styles: aural (listening- you can listen to the modules), visual (you can watch the videos with images that will hopefully stay with you), and kinetic (movement- you can exercise your kinetic learning style by taking notes and doing the quizzes). In addition to the modules or short training videos, there are samples and screen recordings * (Including FinalCut Pro and After FX demos) for all three stages: pre-production or planning, production or shooting, and post-production or editing; so that you can follow along throughout the process.

To further your learning experience, there is an interactive coaching program that complements the e-learning course and supplementary materials. During the coaching calls we will delve more deeply into the materials with scenarios and go over the quizzes. Questions can be answered live and students can participate in interviews with other industry experts. As someone who has purchased this Web Video Production course, you get your first month’s membership for free.

So if you are a busy professional and you want to be able to have access to the information you need to take your business or organization to the next level with web video and SEO for video basics, then this is the course for you. If you want to positively persuade your target audience, your bottom line, and boost your SEO efforts, then again, this course is for you. Again, this is an accelerated course so that you can get through the materials in a manageable way while trying to stay sane throughout your busy life.

Please note: The first several video modules are free to allow you to preview the style. These opening videos give students a chance to learn some history and the general philosophy that will influence the core content. The “meat” of the course is only available to paid subscribers who want to invest further in their online marketing efforts.

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