Ultimate Bass Technique Workout

Ultimate Bass Technique Workout

Learn left and right hand technique concepts and exercises that will take your playing to the next level


  • Bass guitar
  • Computer / Tablet & Internet Connection
  • Willing to learn bass technique the proper way
  • Desire to be able to play fast
  • That’s it – you really don’t need any bass super powers to attend this course. Let’s go for it.


Are You ready to finally unlock technique secrets on bass and be able to play songs that you like with ease?

Proper technique is at the core of everything we play on bass. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to play a favorite song or music that’s locked inside our mind. When starting out, our fingers are not doing what we’d like them to do, and then we are practically stuck and can’t make progress and truly enjoy the instrument. I’ve made this course to SET YOU FREE, and UNLOCK your bass playing potential. Yes – this course is all about left and right hand bass technique! Once you complete this course, you’ll unlock a whole new way of playing the bass. You’ll feel like you’ve found direction and obtained tools that you needed so desperately, and that you’ve just surpassed a major stumbling block that was holding you back.

Please watch the free preview videos to get a taste of what’s inside.

The course consists of two main elements: technique concepts and exercises. I’ll show you correct technique ideas that every bass player should incorporate to play more effortlessly and efficiently. Technique concepts and mechanics are same for absolute beginners and advanced players. In fact, if you’re complete beginner – then this course is perfect for you as you might not have developed any bad habits along the way. If your level is intermediate or advanced, you’ll still benefit from this course. The second major component of this course is EXERCISES. Tons of simple exercises that you can do every day. You can do them while watching TV, on the train or even in the office. They are incredibly easy to do, yet super efficient at building your chops. This all means that you’ll spend less time in the woodshed, yet make more progress on the bass! The course is shown in crisp HD video and features high-quality bass audio and backing tracks.

This course includes:

– Tabs for each playing example

– Interactive backing track videos for practice in different tempos

– Progressive tempo backing track for building endurance and speed

– English subtitles

– Unlimited forum help and instructor feedback

– Left and right hand pro technique tips and tricks

– Ultra-efficient exercises for building your bass chops

I want you to know that it is important to me to hear back from you, while you’re going through the course. I’d like to encourage you to send me messages anytime, and I’ll be checking them out and responding quickly (usually the same day!). Also, I’d like to ask you to record audio files or videos (you can post videos on Youtube and share the link) and send them to me for feedback.

I’m here to help YOU, so please don’t be shy 🙂

You don’t need any prerequisites to enjoy this course. Just bring your bass, and you’re ready to start working on your technique. You’ll be able to improve your comfort, speed, and endurance while spending less time. This course is also like a virtual bass fitness class – just fire up a lesson and start practicing.

Please send me your feedback about the course. What did you like? What did you not like? How could I improve it? Your comments mean a lot to me, and I need them to shape the course content for YOU better.

Please Enroll Today!


Bogdan aka Bass Rebel

Who this course is for:

  • Bass players looking to learn new technique tips and tricks
  • Bass players struggling with technique
  • Bass players frustrated for not being able to play favorite songs
  • Bass players who can’t play on bass what they hear in their head
  • Bass players looking to learn how to play fast
  • Future bass shredders

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