Tiktok Videography Masterclass: Beginner to Pro – Nov 2022

Tiktok Videography Masterclass: Beginner to Pro – Nov 2022

Comprehensive techniques of videography | Effects and Edit Video Professionaly With A Smartphone | Creative Videography


  • A smartphone and a video camera app. Any mobile device, old or new is fine.
  • No filmmaking experience is required.


Learn how to turn your smartphone into a professional quality camera and start creating amazing videos today.

  • Tiktok Videos
  • IG Reels Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Promo & Marketing
  • YouTube Videos
  • Indie Films
  • Mobile Journalism
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media
  • Travel Films
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • Real Estate Videos

And a lot more. Whatever you want to make.

In this course you’ll first learn about Videography and visual storytelling that applies to using your smartphone. Then we explore the technical aspects about shooting, effects and editing smartphone video. And finally we tie it all together with apps and accessories that will help best tell your story.

Covers these topics and more:

  1. Unboxing with Transition Editing
  2. Running Cloud Editing
  3. Giant Human Editing
  4. Chair Pulling Editing
  5. Flame Breathing/Element Editing
  6. Beautiful View Editing
  7. Motivation Transition Editing
  8. Orbit the Object Editing
  9. Move Transition Editing
  10. Clone Yourself Editing
  11. Freeze Frame Editing
  12. Frame Blocking Transition Editing
  13. Put Image/Logo Behind the Person Editing

And please note this course will be routinely updated whenever there are new app & tech advancements that are necessary to include!

The best thing is once you learn the basic principles of cinematography (composition, framing & lighting) those skills will stay with you forever and can be used regardless of the kind of camera (including smartphones) you shoot with in the future.

Don’t wait to create! Start today and unlock the potential of the amazing camera you carry in your pocket.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to intermediate… indie filmmakers, YouTubers, mobile journalists, corporate video producers, social media creators, etc.
  • The lessons in this course will apply to any and all kinds of productions, but note that many of the examples presented are from movie & TV style projects
  • Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of cinematography and smartphone video production (and mobile filmmaking)
  • Also, this course is NOT your normal “lecture” style course where an instructor just talks and talks and talks to the camera but rarely shows anything. This course is all about hands-on demonstrations along with “How To” instruction throughout. And students can ask questions at any time via comments on the lessons

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