The Happy Malay Traditional Folk Poetry Appreciation Course

The Happy Malay Traditional Folk Poetry Appreciation Course

Immersion into the Malay verses of Nature and Wisdom


  • An interest in poetry
  • An interest in Malaysia and the Malay language
  • An interest in traditional Malay culture and society


If you enjoy literature – especially poetry – this course is perfect for you!

It is my wish that Malay traditional folk poetry gain a wider audience and perhaps a fan base too in our ever-increasingly connected world today.

Malay society was soft-spoken and modest. When it came to the expression of feelings, poetry was often used as a guise for advice, encouragement, lamentation, marriage proposals or even satire.

The Happy Malay Traditional Folk Poetry Appreciation Course features the following:-

  1. Nature poetry at its best. Traditional Malay society regarded nature and men as one whole. An interplay develops between desire, love and lost on one hand and nature – which is symbolized by trees, flowers and fruits – on the other.
  2. Poems with moral values. Advice and bite-size wisdom of Malay ancestors are presented in rhyming verse. The listener is able to immerse in the age and time of the poet’s world which echoes through its verses.
  3. The poems are translated stanza per stanzaFirst the Malay stanza is read out. It is followed by the English equivalent.
  4. In a separate section, traditional folk poetry is also read out in its original Malay language without read-out English translations. However side by side English translations are provided for the poetry lover.
  5. In another section, traditional folk poetry is read out only in the English language for the benefit of English language speakers.
  6. May these poems inspire and give you an insight into the culture of the Malay world.

I hope that this course would appeal to you, as it has for me. The creation process has been a beautiful and heart-warming experience for me.

Wishing you happiness,

Lily Aimes

The Happy Malay Teacher

Who this course is for:

  • Poetry lovers who want to know more about Malay poetry
  • Students who are interested in culture and society
  • Students who are studying Malay (Bahasa Melayu)

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