The Complete Creative Drawing Course for Kids

The Complete Creative Drawing Course for Kids

Learn Creative Drawing Techniques Easily and Create Very Beauty Paintings


  • High gram cardboard (for watercolor and gouache works)
  • Colored pencils
  • Pastels
  • gouache
  • Watercolors
  • Colored markers and black marker
  • All kinds of colored paper and cardboard
  • All kinds of disposable
  • decorative and practical tools for working with collage
  • All kinds of glue (liquid, tape, paper and stick glue)
  • Scissors
  • Brush in different sizes
  • Sharpener and eraser


Many parents think that talent is purely innate and a child is born with or without it, but just like IQ, creativity is not the same in all children. Creativity is more than innate and it doesn’t accompanied with the child. It is a learnable skill and parents can accelerate the process with the right and principled training.

In this tutorial, in the first part, we will first introduce the tools needed for this course, then we will learn the techniques. The techniques we will learn are:

Foil painting technique:

Create different textures on foil or aluminum background with marker and turn textures into paintings

Printing technique:

Create different stamps with simple things that exist and are available around us, such as potatoes

Bubble plastic technique:

Working with bubble plastic is done in two ways of stamping and cutting, which the child can use both in his drawings.

Shadow painting:

We use different objects around and paint using the shadow created by them, then we paint the drawn shadow, here the size and direction of the shadow depends on the type and direction of the light.

Hand and foot stamping:

It is done using gouache or watercolor paint and the child creates the stamp by using his own hands or the feet or his parents and uses his imagination and turns it into a painting.

Painting and collage:

Collage means stick some prices, in this technique different pieces of paper and cardboard are used in painting.

Collage painting (embossed painting):

In this technique, in addition to cardboard and paper, disposable objects and accessories are also used in the work, and the child learns to make the best use of every object he sees around him in his paintings. This technique helps to nurture children’s creativity a lot

Painting with forks:

Using gouache paint and fork, we stamp on the cardboard and add the rest of the components.

Painting with full and empty space:

In this method, instead of painting with paint, we paint the entire space around the painting and the main subject, which is covered with glue, remains in the same as background color.

Anti-light technique:

In this technique, the main subject remains in the black and the rest of the background is colored

Painting with blow:

In this method, by guiding the color using the blow, we create involuntary paintings, that is very interesting and exciting experience. The technique of painting with glue and salt:

Creates a design by gluing on cardboard and spraying salt on it and then painting.

Punctuation technique:

Using cotton swab and gouache we draw in dots

Create a background with foam:

Using dishwashing liquid and watercolor, we create a liquid, and by using a straw and creating a foam and transferring it to cardboard, we can create the background.

Magical painting technique:

Using two identical drawings, we create a technique that looks magical, as if we were painting at the moment.

Scratch board technique:

In this technique, using crayons and scratches, we create beautiful paintings with a toothpick.

In the final part of this tutorial, we will combine the techniques with each other, and using the collage technique and other techniques, we will draw two interesting drawings, and we will also learn how to frame the drawings with cardboard.

Who this course is for:

  • No drawing experience necessary.
  • For using parents or teachers of people under 18 years.
  • Parent and me class.
  • Important: this course must be purchased by an adult.

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