The Beauty of Portrait Drawing – The 3/4 View

The Beauty of Portrait Drawing – The 3/4 View

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  • Having followed my course on the Front View is advisable.


The 3/4 view is my preferred angle to draw a portrait. That’s because it really permits you to give a tridimensional and “sculptoreal” feeling to your drawing. For the same reason, it’s the most challenging kind of portrait. You really can’t improvise it. You have to know the forms, the anatomy and how every part fits in its proper space. Just knowing how to copy a photograph is not enough! If we want to make art, we need to know how to draw consciously. We need to understand what we draw and why. In this course you will acquire the essential knowledge you need to do it. You will learn the anatomy you need, and how to simplify it in a basic tridimensional form that gives you the certainty that everything is in the proper place and from the correct angle. And we will see it specifically from the 3/4 point of view. It’s really important to deepen the knowledge of the human head from every angle. In this way you can really grasp it! After that I will  guide you step-by-step, to make your first 3/4 view portrait. If you follow the lessons and do the proper exercises you will see your portrait drawing skill skyrocket.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to draw a portrait.

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