SWIFT Payments Practice Tests

SWIFT Payments Practice Tests

Assess and Review Understanding of SWIFT MT and MX Messages


There is a great demand for SWIFT Payment professionals. Especially, with global transformation of all banks from MT to MX (ISO 20022)  messages, there is a huge demand for professionals with good understanding of MT and MX messages.

This course is designed for professionals who would like to review their understanding of SWIFT payment message history, SWIFT payments basics including Message Types (Service/System), BIC structure, RMA (Relationship Management Application) Basics , MT messages flow/structure/tags and MX (ISO 20022) flow, MX message structure/elements. The test covers MT103, MT202, MT202COV, MT101, MT900, MT910, MT940, MT950 and all their corresponding MX messages. Relevant PACS, PAIN and CAMT messages are included in scope of the practice tests.

The practice test covers the structure of MX messages including the Application Header, Document and Group Header. It also covers the benefits of ISO 20022 messages.

This practice test is your one stop location to evaluate your understanding on legacy MT messages and the new MX message standards. I will keep adding more questions to this course as and when there are more changes to MX standards.

If you have any questions, while attempting the practice test, please post it under Questions section and I will answer them asap.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for SWIFT message learners who want to assess their current knowledge levels

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