Shoot Like The Pros – Master Manual Photography

Shoot Like The Pros – Master Manual Photography

Master Manual Mode Photography


  • No experience needed. Requirements: a camera capable of shooting in Manual Mode, and a burning desire to get great photographs!


You want to finally learn how to control your camera in manual mode and shoot like the pros do.

Here is what you do not need – more information!

If that’s all it took, librarians with cameras would be the best photographers out there.

Here is what you do need – a Teacher.

It’s not about X hours of video, Y number of PDF’s, etc.

You need the right teacher, who will speak clearly and demonstrate the simple concepts that have been under your nose for years (hint, they are fairly simple, they are just usually not taught that well, or comprehensively).

That’s where I come in. I have taught hundreds of people my style of Manual Mode professional photography over the years, and have even helped launch some professional careers (in addition, I am a professional photographer who has made my living completely from photography-related ventures for over 20 years). Now, I’m taking that same teaching and applying it in an online course, so I can teach people anywhere in the world, in less than 30 days, how to shoot like a pro!

I teach photography nuts to completely control their camera, get the shot every time, fill their walls with their photos, and/or make a profit from photography. I will teach you as well, in less than 30 days if you wish! Join me 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • You have a passion for photography
  • You want to get much better – fast!
  • You don’t want to waste time fixing photos in the computer any more than you have to
  • You are interested in making money from photography (not a required desire, but this course will help with making money)
  • You are more of a visual learner than a book learner
  • You have “the eye” – you have an obvious taste for composition that you and/or others have noticed, and get great joy from being creative

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