Self Selling: Your Way to the Job and Contract You Dream Of

Self Selling: Your Way to the Job and Contract You Dream Of

Sell. Present. Position. YOURSELF. Get the Job/ Contract You Deserve through the Validated System of Self Selling


  • You need your openness, a bit of flexibility, less ego….. and it would be useful to have had a through self-analysis prior this module. If you’ve done this by yourself: Congrats! If you think you need a bit of support, check the Self Marketing Course. Thank you!


Welcome to the Self Selling module. I am Ioana – I am a coach, a trainer and an entrepreneur promoting and selling myself for more than 20 years. And this is consciously – cause we actually sell ourselves everyday, in any relationship. Yes, it is not a commercial process necessarily – or hopefully! But people accept us, follow us, respect us – and that is a due to a very similar process as the sales process. So, I am glad to be your guide in discovering this approach of understanding and applying the sales principles to ourselves – in the professional or personal life.

The most important step is to understand that even if you have the best product ever (remember: that’s YOURSELF), even if you have no real competition, it doesn’t mean that the sales part is guaranteed!

We need to understand the value we are offering, the market we are in and the customers we are trying to sell our product to. And to act, to adapt and develop!

Now, in the Self Selling Module we will cover 5 chapters that provide you the knowledge, energy and motivation to go out and find your niche, your customers so that you will generate value. Generating value is a must when thinking about mid-long term market existence, profitability and chances to grow.

Who this course is for:

  • Any individual wanting for a new job, a boost or a start in freelancing or starting or developing own company – welcome! You can also be looking for ways to improve your social skills – for that creating new relationship is an ability to be developed also!

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