Radio Post-Production Course

Radio Post-Production Course

Learn how to produce high-quality radio ads


  • Have Pro Tools
  • Have a computer
  • Have headphones


With decades of experience in the Radio Post-Production realm, Audio Coach and Yamanair Creative presents a Radio Post-Production Course, where learning audio recording, editing, and mixing is no longer a complicated odyssey.

In this course you will learn how to record, edit, mix, and produce high quality radio ads using Pro Tools while applying standard Audio Production techniques to convey an impactful emotional response from the listener. When was the last time you heard an ad that you liked? It’s hard to remember, right? This is due to poor techniques and bad habits.

Creative individuals want to focus on – you guessed it – being creative!

This course was built to ensure all the hard-to-digest jargon is simplified using the same language when talking with a friend or a family member. In this post-pandemic era, working remote has become the norm and acquiring these audio editing skills will allow you to harness the power of radio from anywhere in the world. If you’ve been thinking about learning a new skill, now is the time. By taking this course, you will condense years of learning into a few hours allowing you to have a baseline idea on how to use these skills and apply them in any audio focused situation.

Who this course is for:

  • Begginer audio producer
  • Intermedidate audio producer
  • Radio producer

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