Quick Piano Lessons – Tutorials for Drake’s Greatest Hits

Quick Piano Lessons – Tutorials for Drake’s Greatest Hits

Learn songs on Piano off of Drake’s albums: “Thank Me Later”, “Take Care”, and “Nothing Was The Same”


  • You should already have a piano available. A sustain pedal will enhance your learning experience.


After completing any of these courses, you will be able to immediately start playing songs by Drake. These lectures do not have to be watched in sequence (ie, they can be viewed in any particular order depending on your song interest). The typical format is as follows.

  1. I will play the main loop/bridge of the song
  2. Break down of the Right Hand notes
  3. Break down of the Left Hand notes

Due to the intricacies of certain songs or for the sake of time, specific songs will be taught both hands at the same time. Annotated sheet music may be download for each song in this course depending on the song. After completing this course, you may begin to notice the chord patterns used in the production of this particular artist’s songs. Pay particularly close attention to the use of Major 7ths and Minor 7ths.

It is strongly recommended that you play the song slow to begin with.  Once confidence is built in pressing the correct notes, you can naturally transition into picking up more and more speed until you are comfortable playing the song at normal tempo.  For an extra smooth learning experience, learn each hand individually and then learn to play both hands together.

Keyboard used: Motif XS (with sustain pedal)

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for both newbies and experienced piano players looking to play songs by Drake immediately. No prior piano playing experience is needed.

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