PowerPoint 3d animations with paint 3d.

PowerPoint 3d animations with paint 3d.

create 3d models in Microsoft paint 3d and animate them in PowerPoint


  • You need to have Paint 3d. Office 2019 or Office 365 is needed for this course. Windows 10 is necessary for this course


This course is a combination of PowerPoint and Paint 3d. This course comprises the basics of Paint 3d and animating them in PowerPoint. Paint 3d is a software which is facile to use. Paint 3d is an utterly basic software in windows 10. In this course, you will also learn to make 3d models with basic shapes available in Paint 3d. After creating 3d models in Paint 3d, you will be taught how to animate those 3d models in PowerPoint. There is no experience needed to learn this course. This course contains everything from the basic to the advanced level. While watching this course you will come across a tremendous amount of short-cuts in this course which will enhance your productivity. This course also contains hints and instructions for every step which will help you to understand and grasp the concepts. This course has been divided into seven different parts. The first two lessons are the basics of Paint 3d. The rest of the lessons are about making 3d models and animating those 3d models in PowerPoint.

Various lessons of the course

Basics of paint 3d 1

Basics of paint 3d 2

3d swing animation

3d thread animation

Random coin toss

3d rolling animation 1

3d rolling animation 2

I have also included 1 quiz and 1 practice test.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to create 3d animation in PowerPoint

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