Pass the UK Driving Theory Test

Pass the UK Driving Theory Test

Learn the different aspects of the UK Theory Test from a qualified driving instructor.


  • No previous experience required.


For anyone wanting to drive in the UK, whether you are a learner or tourist who is planning on driving in the UK.

This course has been designed to make it really easy for you to understand and pass the UK Driving Theory Test. In order to get your driving licence in the UK, you must first pass two tests. The first test you must pass is the Theory Test. Taking this course will help you understand what is needed. It can also be useful if you already have a licence and plan on driving in the UK with your international licence.

The course has been made with videos short and easy to digest. It is structured in a way that should make it easy to understand but if you aren’t sure about something, make sure you pause it or rewatch the video.

Topics included:

1. Alertness

2. Attitude

3. Essential document

4. Hazard awareness

5. Incidents, accidents and emergencies

6. Motorway rules

7. Other types of vehicles

8. Road and traffic signs

9. Rules of the road

10. Safety and your vehicle

11. Safety margins

12. Vehicle handling

13. Vehicle loading

14. Vulnerable road users

15. How to pass the hazard perception

The course comes with extra quizzes at the of each topic so make sure you complete them to get the best out of the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone 18 years or older wanting to take the UK Theory Test

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