Pamlattes: Pilates by Pam

Pamlattes: Pilates by Pam

Fabulous over 40: A fit physiotherapist takes you on a journey to achieve excellent physical conditioning.


  • Obtain clearance for physical exercise from your family physician before attempting this program.
  • Some of the exercise series may require a mat and a small Pilates ball (approximate circumference = 23 inches or 60 cm around).
  • Review your basic yoga poses ie.) “Chair”, “Triangle”, “Extended Side Angle”, “Warrior II and III”, and “Child’s” pose.


This course is based on the hottest and most effective training skills from Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Physiotherapy (I like to call these skills “P.Y.M.P.”). These skills are broken down and taught to you in such a way that you will be able to catch on easily and see results quickly. I often travel to exotic locations to teach my PYMP skills and my students ask me to leave them with a training video so that they can continue to challenge their strength, mobility, and endurance after I depart. I recently discovered Udemy and decided that it would be best to design a virtual class (which my students fondly dubbed “Pamlattes”) with written skills, cues and instructions to compliment each exercise series.

I am a very visual person; show me what to do, tell me why I should be doing it, and then show me what to do again. The video demonstrations outline the skills you will be practicing with-in each chapter. You may pause and repeat each demo as many times as is necessary in order to strengthen your skills. Such strengths involve developing your core control, breathing, alignment, coordination, balance, and agility. Each exercise skill is broken down step-by-step in the written description until you are able to “find your cues”. Your cue words will be suggested for you but you may make up your own reminders to help you focus on proper core engagement, moving while continuing to breathe, and aligning or stabilizing an area of your body. The awesome thing about these particular skills is that they apply directly to what your body needs to do for you every day for the rest of your life. Even while sitting at your chair reading this you could be practicing three of the numerous skills waiting for you inside this course. (“Windows Open”, Stack your “6” and “12”, and “Ice Cube”!)

You will not need much more than your own body weight to complete this course but you will require a flat surface to lie or stand on. Note that some of the exercises may incorporate a small Pilates ball or a Bender Ball to help with cueing. During each exercise series you will aim to perform approximately six to eight repetitions or six to eight breaths while perfecting each form. The goal is to build up your strength and prowess to be able to perform each series with excellent execution. The exercise series will usually take me approximately 90 minutes to complete all ten chapters. I therefore select my favorite five chapters while I am practicing or teaching to finish an all-around workout in 45 minutes. These exercises/skills can be performed daily – no rest day required. Many can be performed covertly while standing in line, during a stretch break next to your desk, or while sitting in traffic. Mix and match the chapters to design your own Pamlattes class or follow the full exercise flow at the end!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for intermediate students of yoga or Pilates (those already familiar with basic yoga postures) wishing to further their athletic practice using their own body weight.
  • Those who are entirely new to the concepts and terminolgy used in either yoga, Pilates, or active rehabilitation will be able to complete this course eventuallly but may require modifications or further guidance.
  • This course is not designed for students who do not have exercise clearance by their physician.

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