Moroccan Hammam Or Moroccan Spa At Your Own Home

Moroccan Hammam Or Moroccan Spa At Your Own Home

The Rituals Of Moroccan Hammam Step By Step


  • None. Students need only to have the desire to learn and to discover an exotic treatment that will do wonders on their body and mind.


In this course, I introduce students to the rituals of Moroccan Hammam or Moroccan Spa. I show them step by step how they can perform the Moroccan Hammam at the comfort of their own home.

I show them the materials they need to have, in order to experience this unique and exotic treatment , that has endless benefits for the body , the skin and the mind.

Who this course is for:

  • This Moroccan Hammam or Moroccan Spa course is for all students, for everyone who wants to experience a unique treatment that combines many benefits and keeps the body and mind balanced.
  • This Moroccan Hammam or Spa course is for everyone who is looking for a great way to remove stress, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the skin.
  • This Moroccan Hammam or Spa course is for all group ages, even kids can take the Moroccan Hammam, It will calm them down, they will relax and sleep deeply.

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