Mindfulness Meditation Miracle Release for Stress & Anxiety

Mindfulness Meditation Miracle Release for Stress & Anxiety

How to stop worrying, release stress, let go anxiety and negative thinking and tune intio your higher authentic self


  • You should have a basic understanding of using the internet.
  • You should be open minded to new spiritual ideas.


The mindfulness mediation miracle release system is for stressed business people, anxious employees, frustrated addicts and negative thinkers to rise into their power, authentic presence and higher purpose so they reach their full spiritual potential in relationships, health and work.

Today there is a new light in the world and it is you.

The challenges most people face today is they suffer from a fast-paced life, stress, anxiety, addictions and overwhelm so they are not able to function to have loving relationships, deep clarity and direction and to make a meaningful contribution in the world.

There has never been a better time in history when it’s better to release your negative responses to access your authentic self.

In this mindfulness meditation miracle release system, I will be teaching you in the areas of relationships, health and work how to release the underlying negative emotions and thoughts that create stress and anxiety so that you can connect to your inner peace, happiness and make inspired choices and actions in all areas of your life and live the life of making a difference that you born to make.

My Story

My story is that at age 30 and I was a using addict, extremely stressed and anxious working as the head analyst in a stock broking firm, where on a business flight my feet swelled up and I was immediately taken to hospital facing death. In a moment of surrender I had a mystical heavenly experience which led to me learning rei-ki, spiritual healing, Transcendental Meditation, training as a hypnotherapist, joining many 12 step addiction recovery programs, studying A Course in Miracles and meeting and studying under enlightened teachers.

The last 17 years of spiritual study which has given me levels of happiness, loving relationships, health and a feeling of meaningful contribution in all areas of my life.

I now do the work I love, I am a Udemy course instructor, have written a book titled Bulletproof Peace on the life lessons I learned from near death to realising spiritual peace, I have a YouTube channel, run a weekly group in London and I am a spiritual coach/hypnotherapist and have been featured in the newspaper and magazines.

So to get started today hit the enrol button and remember you are covered by the Udemy 30 day money back guarantee.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are affected by stress, anxiety and negative thinking
  • If you use distractions, bad habits or addicttions to cope with life.

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