Microlearning, Metaverse, Avatar-Based Learning & LXP’s

Microlearning, Metaverse, Avatar-Based Learning & LXP’s

Emerging Models on Learning Sciences, Evidence-Informed Practice, Learning Experience Platforms, Metaverse & Curiosity!


  • Students and Professionals interested in a career in Learning & Development


As a Learning Professional, I am curious by nature and more by profession. Of late I have been tracking new developments in learning in the areas of learning strategy, learning innovation & learning approach. These new trends are debunking learning myths and are showcasing new ways of approaching learning. Hence I am here to share with you, my own learnings- the latest updates on LXP platforms, scientific research-based learning approaches & evidence-informed learning experience design.

As a professional you need to be aware of the latest developments within your field, hence I invite you to walk along with me with curiousness and lets together explore these models and see what we can implement at our workplaces in order to ensure optimal learning experiences to our end-user – the Learner.

What material would you share? what resources? Is this a practical course or a theory-based one?

This is an interactive course that requires active participation, having elements of practical assignments too, I will share a lot of resources from new learning models to a list of the latest learning experience platforms, and I will also share the latest learning influencers from whom we all can keep ourselves updated. So you can expect resources like websites, PDFs of emerging models, videos of learning leaders, etc as part of this course.

What do you cover in this course, what will I really learn?

As a Learning Leader, I keep an eye on how different corporates use Learning strategies & Innovations to ensure respective team members learn and perform optimally

This course is segmented into two parts, the first part will deal with

Latest Corporate Learning Strategies, Innovations

  • Microlearning & Spaced Lessons
  • Data University is Airbnb’s attempt to make its entire workforce more data literate
  • Workforce Success platform EduMe & Mindflash
  • Avatar-Based-Learning
  • Metaverse

The second part will deal with Emerging Learning Approaches:

  • Learning Sciences
  • Evidence-informed learning experience design
  • Learning experience platforms
  • Curiosity: the impact of curiosity on learning

Why should I go through this course? Who is your target audience

If you are in Learning/Training or an in Human resources then this course is a must since you will take away with knowledge of the Latest Corporate Learning Strategies & Innovations where we will look at Mobile Augmented Reality, Healthcare and Augmented Reality, Microlearning, etc You will update yourself on the emerging learning approaches like learning sciences, evidence-informed practice, and the latest learning experience platforms.

Students pursuing a Management degree in Human Resources, Learning Consultants, HRBP, Learning Leaders, Learning Project Managers, and Learning Architects are some of my target audiences for this course.

As learners, we need to be curious and it’s imperative that you need to keep your eyes open to the new learning technologies, new approaches to learning experience design, who are the emerging influencers, and what are their research-based learning models.

Let’s Begin!

Who this course is for:

  • Management students in Human Resources, Human Capital Professionals, Learning Consultants, Learning Partners, Learning Solution Project Managers and Learning Architects

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