Manual Mode Photography for Beginners

Manual Mode Photography for Beginners

Absolute beginners guide to taking photographs in manual mode in just 5 easy steps.


  • No previous experience needed
  • Absolute beginner level


Photography is a wonderful and fulfilling hobby, and with some very basic understanding of how a camera works, even an amateur beginner photographer can take beautiful photographs. Manual mode allows a photographer complete control over the cameras settings and the ability for a photographer to make the images they see in their head into images that can be printed, displayed and shared with others.

In this course we cover the absolute basics of manual mode photography with an emphasis on landscapes and still life. All that is required is a digital camera and a willingness to get outside, take photos and practice. We will learn in this lesson how, from turning the camera on, we can manually expose our images using manual mode. This is backed up by simple and easy to follow explanations of how a camera works and how digital images are made.

This course requires absolutely no prior experience and will, in just 10 short lessons give you a simple and easy to follow 5 step process that you can apply when approaching any landscape image. Rather than focus on long theory lectures, this course places a major emphasis on getting outside, and taking images. I have taught this course and helped hundreds of students to get into digital photography, and its now available as an easy to follow online course.

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginner photographers
  • Hobbyist and amateurs

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