Level up your Content Marketing and SEO Content Creation

Level up your Content Marketing and SEO Content Creation

Become a Content Marketing Super Hero! Master the tools and techniques for content creation and get rockin’ in no time.


  • No previous experience is needed


Content is now everywhere. And Content Marketing has become a must for brands looking to lure visitors to their website. Successful companies who understand the power of content marketing, provide value to their audience by creating content that educates, entertains, inspires or solves a problem for their audience. It’s not about promoting you or your brand, it’s about your audience and how you can provide value to them.

Marketing agencies now offer Content Marketing and Content Creation as part of their services, and so do many freelancers who charge good money to write SEO optimized blog posts and landing pages.

My name is Philippe, I’m an online marketing consultant with over 12 years experience, and I will be your guide as I take you step by step through everything you need to create content that Search Engines will love, helping you drive more visits to your site. Once you discover the secrets behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you will start creating content that attracts and engages your audience.

During the course, you will learn:

  • What is content marketing, why top brands are so focused around it and why it is so successful
  • The secrets behind SEO optimized blog posts and landing pages that bring visitors to your website
  • The keys to create successful Emailing campaigns that drive opens and clicks, and improve your Sender Score
  • How to create engaging Social Media messages that your followers will love and share
  • How to create compelling reports you can use to analyze and follow your metrics and KPIs
  • Learn all the tools and techniques you need to leverage your content and level up your Content Marketing game
  • Get lifetime access to exercise files, so you can practice at your own pace
  • Benefit from Udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy 🙂

So feel free to have a look at the different sections of this learning journey, and hope to see you very soon in class!

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing profesionals
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Students

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