Learn To Stitch Indian Style Kurti (Collar Neck Kurti)

Learn To Stitch Indian Style Kurti (Collar Neck Kurti)

step by step guide how to stitch collar neck kurti by your own


  • Basic sewing like how to handle sewing machine is required
  • You should have sewing machine to do this course.


Learn stitching from the comfort of your home and stitch kurti by your own with perfect fitting.

In this course you are going to learn how to stitch Indian Wear Collar Neck Kurti, How To draft on paper, Cutting the fabric perfectly like professional and stitching process in a very easy way. In this we are going to teach side dart and back darts along with collar attachment. Anyone can learn this course  with basic knowledge of how to handle sewing machine. Kurti top is an upper garment worn in the Indian subcontinent encompassing waistcoats, jackets and blouses. In modern usage, a short kurta is referred to as the kurti, which is the attire of females. However, traditionally, the term kurti refers to waist coats, jackets and blouses which sit above the waist without side slits, and are believed to have descended from the tunic of the Shunga period (2nd century B.C.).The kurti is distinguished from the choli by the latter leaving the midriff exposed.

It is a typical dressing pattern of Indians especially the northern regions.

The trend and origin of this clothing style is from the northern India and even today the other parts of the nation though modernalized wear kurti but it is worn by females majorly in north while the south prefers saree.

There are a number of styles of kurti which include Coolar Neck Kurti is one

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Intermediates who are interested to stitch their kurti in professional way

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