Learn Raylib: C++ fast and easy graphics library

Learn Raylib: C++ fast and easy graphics library

Raylib for graphics and game developments which implements OpenGL by using C++.


  • Having computer.
  • Knowing some basics in programing.
  • Having hobbies to start.


Hey this is Raylib course for graphics, games ,audio and GUI in this course we will use C++ to work with the graphics,

And try to learn those things you know but you didn’t code before like making music playerGUI ButtonsSlidersHoversloading textures , mathematics in programming and one of the most important thing making a Quraan player which can include several things: Loading Surats (Quraan receptions) GUIDesignResponsive and publish it. 

Things you learn in this course and will be able for yourself:

  • Making your application.
  • 2D Rendering.
  • Drawing shapes (Lines,Pixels,Rectangles,Circles,eEllipses,Triangles and Polygones).
  • Loading Textures
  • Interaction with the application (Mouse or Keyboard).
  • Checking Collision Detection.
  • Using mathematics for specific movements.
  • Drawing Tilemaps.
  • Making internal GUI.
  • Making button and slider.
  • Using 2D Camera.
  • Loading Music.
  • Making quraan player.

What is raylib?

A\\ Raylib is a highly modular library. Everything is contained within a small number of well defined, specific and self-contained modules, named accordingly to its primary functionality. Note that some of those modules can be used in standalone mode, independently of raylib library.

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to enjoy videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no auto-debugging… just coding in pure spartan-programmers way.

Prepared by: Muhammad Khalid

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate students
  • Game lovers
  • Developers who interested in C++

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