Learn How to write Business Use Case

Learn How to write Business Use Case

Learn how to write a good and valuable Business Use case


  • Willing to learn
  • Internet Access
  • Basic Computer Skills


Course Title: Learn How to write a Business Use case
Learn how to write a good and valuable Business Use case

Course Overview
The business use case is a description of how a person who actually uses the process or system will accomplish a goal. Business use cases are popular techniques for documenting and understanding system requirements and I will teach you how to write them in a good and valuable way by following these steps:

  1. Identify the Actors
  2. Identify the Goal
  3. Define the Pre-Conditions and Post-Conditions
  4. Describe the Main Flow
  5. Describe the Alternate Flows and Exceptions

The main purpose of writing a use case is to explore and highlight the value of your business, industry, or system.
Use cases can be valuable tools for understanding a specific system’s ability to meet the needs of end-users.
Use cases can also be effective for product marketing purposes.

Course Outline

  • What Before Use Case?
  • What is Use Case & Why
  • Steps for writing
  • Tips for writing valuable Use Case
  • Practical Examples
  • Final Thoughts
  • Class Project

Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Willing to learn
  • Internet Access

By following the steps and the tips that the student will learn in this class, the student will be able to write a good and valuable business use case.

I will be available to answer students’ questions so send me your questions in a message.

Good Luck to all students

Happy Learning!

Ahmed Magdy
Advanced Software Developer and Instructor

Who this course is for:

  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Junior Business Consultant
  • Beginners

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