Introduction to Video Editing

Introduction to Video Editing

This paid course will take you from opening Filmora for the first time to exporting your first video.


  • The capacity to get to Flmora will be useful however isn’t required.


Filmora is one of the most amazing altering virtual products right now accessible, yet involving it interestingly can be dfficult! For that reason we made Filmora X, for those of you needing to gain proficiency with the product. Without flying right by you we’ll take you through an undertaking beginning to end during this five video series.

In these recordings you’ll figure out how to import film, and you will alsoo learn add various sorts of impacts and advances. additionally you will how to add diverse subtiltes and you will likewise figure out how to download new impacts and musics for video projects.Before the finish of this course, you’ll work right alongside me to make your own INSTAGRAM MONTAGE, TIK TOK EDIT, YOUTUBE VLOG, SHOWCASE VIDEO, PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, COMMERCIAL, MUSIC VIDEO and DEMO REEL in all perspective proportions utilizing these principle steps:

1. Altering Fundamentals and Workflow

To start, we start with dominating the rudiments. How would you put together your recording, make your arrangement appropriately, or start your underlying alter? These fundamental methods are an ideal starter for fledglings and an extraordinary spot for further developed editors to figure out how to improve altering work process.

  1. How to cut video?
  2. How to add cuts in video?
  3. The most effective method to add text ?
  4. How to trim?
  5. How to add impacts?
  6. How to add changes?
  7. How to eliminate mic commotion?
  8. How to add music?
  9. How to eliminate sound?
  10. You will learn more in this course yet you have select First

Much obliged

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for people who are new to editing or feel they still have skills to learn. No prior experience with Premiere Pro is needed. If you have a professional level of understanding with Premiere Pro, this course is not intended for you.

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