Introduction to Video Editing: OpenShot Video Editor 2022

Introduction to Video Editing: OpenShot Video Editor 2022

The course provided overview of how to create, edit, stylize video editing works using OpenShot Video Editor


  • Computer or Laptop
  • OpenShot Video Editor
  • Internet Connection if possible
  • Interest to Learn


Welcome to the course ‘Introduction to Video Editing: OpenShot Video Editor 2022‘. In this class, You will learn, Many Video Editing Techniques which are highly helpful for beginners and learners of Video Editing. OpenShot Video Editor is one of the best free video editing software for creating all kinds of video editing Works.

Through this class, you will learn the following lessons:

  • Setting up the Software
    1. Download the Software
    2. Install the Software
    3. Project File Management
    Getting Started with OpenShot Video Editor
    1. New Project and Profile Setup
    2. User Interface of OpenShot Video Editor
    3. OpenShot Preferences
    Assemble your files inside OpenShot
    1. Load Video and Other Elements into Project files
    2. Features of Project File Elements
    3. How to Split Clip in Project Explorer
    Videos in OpenShot Timeline
    1. Assemble Video in Timeline
    2. Essential Track Management in Timeline
    3. Project #1: Photo Slideshow Video
    OpenShot Video Transformations
    1. Video Preview Panel
    2. Transform Controls
    3. Properties Panel
    4. Attributes of Audio
    Video Editing in OpenShot Video Editor
    1. Video Movement in Timeline
    2. Trim Video in Timeline
    3. How to Slice a Video?
    4. Razor Tool for Video Editing
    5. Markers in Action
    6. Project #2: Yoga Vlog Video Editing
    Video Transitions in OpenShot
    1. Generate Video Transitions
    2. Apply various Video Transitions
    3. Transition Management
    Essential Video Effects
    1. Bars Effect
    2. Crop Effect, Blur Effect
    3. Pixelate Effect, Negative Effect, Shift Effect
    4. Wave Effect for Video
    5. Project #3: Educational Video Editing
    Colour Corrections in OpenShot
    1. Brightness and Contrast
    2. Colour Saturation
    3. Colour Shift
    4. Hue Effect
    Visual Effects usingOpenShot
    1. Chromakey Function
    2. Track Video
    3. Stabilize Video
    4. Add Emojis.
    Audio Editing inOpenShot
    1. Add Audio to Timeline
    2. Audio Editing
    3. Effects for Audio
    4. Audio Transitions
    Clip Layout and Effects
    1. Add various Fade Effects
    2. Layout Adjustments for Clip
    3. Deinterlace your Video
    Clip Rhythm transformation inOpenShot
    1. Time-mapping and speed changes on clips
    Create Titles usingOpenShot
    1. Add Lower Thirds for Video
    2. Insert Title
    3. Add 3D Animated Titles
    Animation inOpenShot
    1. Work with Keyframes
    2. Animate Properties
    3. Animate Feature in OpenShot
    4. Linear and Bezier Adjustments
    Export yourOpenShot Project
    1. Export Project as Video

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn Video Editing
  • People who want to learn OpenShot Video Editor
  • Video Editors
  • Video Editing Freelance Artist
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • Any interested learner

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