Introduction to Reincarnation

Introduction to Reincarnation

Learn more about this ancient Vedic science


  • An interest in Vedic Knowledge


Murli Manohara das, a Bhakti Yoga practitioner for over 30 years, takes us through an introduction to reincarnation as it is detailed in the Vedic texts.

Reincarnation is called samsara in the classic Vedic texts of India. The word samsara is Sanskrit and means being bound to the cycle of repeated birth and death through numerous lifetimes. How this works is that those who are materially conditioned transmigrate through different bodies according to one’s desires and past activities (or karma) and familiarities. Their desires, if materially motivated, requires a physical body to enable them to continue to work out their material longings in various conditions of life.

How reincarnation works is most elaborately described in the Vedic texts of India, such as the Bhagavad Gita. This course discusses what determines our next body and what factors influence this decision.

This course also discusses scientific evidences of reincarnation, in particular the work of one American scientist who has investigated over 2,000 cases of reincarnation. Two fascinating cases are discussed here in detail.

And finally we learn about how one can come out of the cycle of birth and death, that is reincarnation, through the process of Bhakti Yoga.

Join us to discover more about this highly interesting topic.

Who this course is for:

  • An interest in Vedic Knowledge and Reincarnation

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