Inclusion, Equality and Belonging:

Inclusion, Equality and Belonging:

A Starter Kit to Understanding Social Justice and Diversity


  • The only requirement is the desire to expand your knowledge base. You should have a willingness to cultivate within yourself a new perspective to embrace inclusion, equality, and belonging through a lens of diversity.
  • Technical requirement: access to a computer running Windows 10 or above (or the Apple equivalent) with 32MB of RAM (64MB recommended) and internet access.


Welcome to Peace in Action! We are Dr. Gerri Budd and Professor Donnalynn Scillieri, and are very happy to meet you and to share our university experience with you. We are excited to provide you with the tools you need to effectively implement inclusion, equality and belonging to become marketable, viable and proficient employees.

We founded Peace In Action to help you in your career goals. Our company is a certified Small and Women Owned business, and certified to do business with the federal government.

As you learn with us, you will become able to differentiate the effects of the lack of inclusion in personal and professional spaces, and apply new tools to expand your career as a better candidate for employment, colleague and friend. Upon completion, our students will be able to recognize the ongoing cultural debates about systems of oppression including: patriarchy, racism, classism, gender biases, heterosexism and sexism. Students will become better allies with their newly acquired language to support oppressed people, and will assist in creating settings for efficient relationships. Students will be able to operate beyond diversity, and establish a culture of belonging. Graduates of this course will earn a Certificate of Completion.

Our students acknowledge that we all come from different worlds with preconceived notions about people outside of our social norms, and our students historically thank us for showing them another way to think critically about the world through a lens of social justice. They are thrilled to cultivate within themselves to have a new balance of inclusion, equality and belonging and embrace diversity.

“I recognize and value that by becoming an active ally in my professional and personal life, I live peacefully because of the balance of inclusion, equality and belonging.” – Donnalynn

“I do not believe that the pinnacle of a student’s educational experience is to be able to agree with me. Rather students should discover their own ideas based on reasoned inquiry.” – Gerri

Who this course is for:

  • Job seekers, recent university and trade school graduates, and people transitioning into new careers who want to enhance their resumes.

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