How to Win at Call of Duty Warzone and Increase Placement

How to Win at Call of Duty Warzone and Increase Placement

Game winning strategies for the average player


  • Students must be familiar with the basic controls and gameplay of Call of Duty: Warzone and have at least played a fair amount of battle royale.


This course will help you get more wins, and increase your skill at Call of Duty Warzone regardless of skill level. You will receive valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to become better a the following:

  • Selecting and play with a team (squad)
  • Identify what type of player you are
  • How to get better at communicating with your teammates.
  • Positioning
    • You will learn strategies like “Ring Rotation”, “Middle Zone”, “Outside In”, and “Play the gas”
  • Battling
  • Creating Loadouts
  • Choosing Operators
  • Choosing the best time to get wins no matter where your location is in the world!
  • Getting familiar with the Verdansk map
    • The entire map will be marked up of where to land and where not to land
  • Strategies and approaches on how to move from beginning ring to final ring to win!
  • Actions that you can take to become a better shooter (and increase headshots) by setting up custom game modes with bots that mimic enemy attributes from the Call of Duty Warzone game itself.

This course applies to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players as the information is for Warzone and not necessarily platform specific so you can join from any platform!

The strategies all come from an instructor with over 50 days of gameplay, 300+ wins with over 180+ in Verdansk, all with a low kill/death (K/D) ratio of just over 1.0.

Who this course is for:

  • Players who are already familiar with Call of Duty: Warzone and battle royale gameplay modes that would like to increase there placement and get more wins.
  • Players of all skill types who are wanting to get better at the game.
  • PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players. The course is not platform specific.

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