Foundation Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Foundation Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

How cognitive behavioral therapy can turn negative thought into positive thought and influence better life.


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We all know that cognitive behavioral therapy is a psycho-social intervention with the intentional focus of changing unhelpful beliefs, attitudes, thought and behaviors to improve emotional regulation and develop a suite of coping strategies and tactics to help solve problematic issues. The simple reasoning is that our individual unique patterns of feelings, thinking and behaving all of this play a very significant role in our individual life experiences, and that experience can be good or bad, but we must be mindful that since such patterns have a deep impact in our individual experiences, this means that when we alter our individual patterns, this can immediately change our experiences.

Cognitive behavioral therapy try to change our thought patterns, our conscious and subconscious attitude and beliefs, this help us focus on situations that are difficult and help achieve our goals. The internal dialogue of individuals is a realization of how strong individual have a great link between thoughts and feelings. These thought are so bad to a lot of people that they cannot control themselves, it is the duty of therapist to identify and understand and deal with the automatic, emotional thoughts that frequently occur in people. The therapist have the sole mandate to ensure that clients challenges and problems are being identify and skillfully handle by the therapist to ensure that the client is free from this bad thought which is harmful for the development and progress of the client.

In fact in must cases a client can even chose to ignore all positive thought and always focus on their entire attention only on the negative, even when the fact of the case is positive, their entire attention is to dual on only the negative, this means the therapist have the duty to ensure the client mind is change from the constant negative to positive.

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