Fleet marketing basics for marketers and graphic designers

Fleet marketing basics for marketers and graphic designers

Introduction to business vehicle sticker design


  • Marketers will learn what to look in design, how to understand what works and what not, knows the pricing possibilities and hot to pick professional partners and rate their work.
  • Graphic Designers, will understand what their client is trying to manifest and how to create a working design solution. from designing to file creation


In the field of business vehicle marketing (fleet marketing), there is a lot of casual and artistic approach rather than strategic activity. However, the vehicle market is growing globally and vehicle advertising is an increasingly important marketing channel for the company. It does not matter is the car driven by human or AI, as for businesses it is still a moving business card or ad. The vehicle cannot be compared to any other channel because it is a moving medium and only visible for a very limited time. All this changes the needs of design and marketing opportunities completely. Simply ART is not enough.

Let me teach You all what is necessary for a successful campaign of your (or your clients) fleet.

This lecture is divided to 4 chapters and I would recommend to look all of them, as there are references between them:

1- Introduction to the subject: (55 min)

You will learn what makes marketing and designing for business vehicles so different from all the others, Disruptive Graphics & Practical Designing, vehicle ad classifications, terminology and different materials.

2- Technical aspects (59 min)

Scaling, usage of photos, vector files, how does a vinyl cutter see your files and how to create files for it, how to design to material with size restrictions.

3- Designing (1 h 51 min)

How to create a correct design brief, Logos & logo areas, Texts how and why, vehicle specifics, color usage, Brand Manuals, divert campaigns to vehicle, wrapping, designing for trucks, buses, trains.

NB: I will not teach You how to use some specific program, rather show you the reasons why things need to be done.

4- Background information (53 min)

In this section You will learn Campaign- and Time management,  Pricing and different pricing models, what to do before and after taping or post-accident repairs, how to wash your taped car properly, Tips & practical tricks, Most common mistakes.

Why I would recommend to learn full course?

As fleet marketing involves partnership between Client(Marketer) – Designer (agency) – Manufacturer (Material/Print house/Installer), then doing and knowing only 1 section of this chain is unprofessional. You may have the best design, but if used wrong material, the result is poor. Or If the design brief is made perfectly but print layout is done poorly You get bad result.

So, knowing all the links in the work chain will get You to better results, because You understand the process and decisions behind it. Completing this course will make You better, a professional.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing managers, who want to use their company vehicles’ full ad potential, who pay the bills, and whose job depends on delivering results for the company.
  • Designers, especially beginners, who visualize and realize clients’ wishes.
  • Advertising agencies’ project managers, who communicate with clients.
  • Purchasing managers, who need to know what they are outsourcing and what they will receive.
  • Sales managers, who need to know what they are offering to clients.

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