Feature Film Producing Course

Feature Film Producing Course

Learn how to fund and distribute an independent feature film


  • Basic knowledge of producing films


Through this intensive course Michelle will teach you how to develop, fund and distribute an independent feature film.

Join her for a series of lectures as she discusses the journey from script to screen – detailing her experiences of producing her first 4 feature films with an independent production company after working for the BBC for 7 years. Her features had budgets ranging from £80,000 to £500,000 and all acquired distribution in multiple territories worldwide.

Development & Funding

We will discuss crucial aspects of development such as timing, the importance of working on multiple projects at once, getting distributor / agent’s input, attracting cast and identifying an audience.

She will then dive into the different funding routes available including:

  • BFI development funding (approach to this sort of funding compared to private investment)
  • Private investment (what to offer investors and how to handle them.
  • Film Investment companies (the pro’s and con’s)
  • Tax credit
  • Product placement

Marketing & Distribution

You’ve made a feature film, now how do you get it distributed, seen and profitable?

Here Michelle will discuss how to create a buzz around your film and this topics such as:

  • Getting on set visits by media
  • Self promotion
  • Utilising BTS materials and footage
  • Making the most of any USP’s

She will then cover working with Agent / distributors. Ideally you’ve already built this connection in phase 1, but if not we’ll discuss how to you find someone suitable. She will also discuss the pros and cons of taking it on yourself vs using an agent

We’ll also discuss festivals and how useful the festival run really is. You will also receive some tips and strategies on building relationships with festivals.

Finally we will discuss whether you can truly make money from independent films?

Who this course is for:

  • Filmmakers looking to produce one of their first feature films.

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