Fashion Trunk – Basics of Styling Garments & Accessories

Fashion Trunk – Basics of Styling Garments & Accessories

Get styling ideas for categories of garments as shirts, coats, blouses, tops, skirts and accessories as bags, footwear.


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Understanding the fundamentals of Fashion Trunk will help you master the art of styling garments & accessories. Any individual who wants to start their career as a fashion stylist, fashion manager, or fashion blogger should be well-versed in the Categories of Men’s, Women’s and Kids Wear, Different types of Garments, Trims, Accessories as well as Silhouettes & its Body Types.

Categories of Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear and Kid’s Wear – This category focuses primarily on different types of clothing designed especially for men, women and kids. Men’s and kid’s clothing categories did not have nearly as many alternatives as they do now. They only had a few wardrobe essentials to choose from, such as shirts, jeans, trousers, and kurtas. Brands, on the other hand, have gone above and beyond in introducing trends and fashion in men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes during the previous few decades.

Types of Garments – Different types of garments such as shirts, jackets, vests, coats, dresses etc. are styled as per requirements and comfort of people. This section will enhance your knowledge about a variety of garments in different colors, patterns, styles and elements.

Types of Trims & Accessories – As bread & butter, lock & key, similarly, even clothes & accessories are incomplete without one another. This section focuses on teaching the elements of styling clothes with the best matched trims & accessories. You will understand the theory behind which shoes, hat, footwear, bag etc. match the designed outfit.

Silhouettes & Body Types – This topic will enhance your expertise of various types of silhouettes and styling them as per body types.

This course is strategically designed so that the students who want to learn the basics of styling will experience the ease of understanding and will be able to consume through the flow of topics. Additionally, various live and trendy examples have also been given to make the topic more interesting.

Who this course is for:

  • 1. Anyone who wants to learn about Fashion Styling.
  • 2. Aspiring and professional artists, students, and fashion stylists, fashion managers, and fashion bloggers.
  • 3. Enthusiasts who want to pursue a career in different domains of Fashion Styling.
  • 4. Anyone who wants knowledge about Introduction & Importance of Fashion Trunk, Different categories of People’s Apparels, Types of Garments, Types of Trims & Accessories.
  • 5. For all entry level to advanced Fashion Stylists.

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