Electronic Communication in Paranormal Investigation

Electronic Communication in Paranormal Investigation

Have the courage, find the truth


  • Access to an app store (Apple or Google play)
  • Basic knowledge of paranormal equipment


Welcome to your Electronic Communication in Paranormal Investigation Course.

Hopefully, you have chosen this course to learn about the best type of equipment to use in investigations to capture voices and direct communication from spirits. You would like to know how they work from those who have experienced using it and any science behind it to back it up.

We will be covering the following types of equipment:

  • Spirit boxes – SB7 and SB11
  • Voice recorders – EVPs
  • Communication Apps

You will learn:

  • How the equipment works – scientifically and practically
  • How to analyse the recordings and use software to support reviews
  • How to document and present the evidence
  • Why some modern equipment and apps are considered capricious
  • How to extract and present permissible evidence

Who this course is for:

  • Novice and intermediate paranormal investigators or enthusiasts
  • Paranormal open minded sceptics
  • those wishing to learn more about equipment they are using

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