Color correction and grading in Premiere Pro 2021

Color correction and grading in Premiere Pro 2021

How to color correct and grade footage to give a cinematic and custom look and feel inside Premiere Pro in 45 minutes.


  • A basic knowledge of Video Editing
  • Having a computer with Premiere Pro 2021 or other CC versions installed


Whether you film a video in your smartphone or DSLR, you always want to give it a more cinematic filmy look with different color combination. Most of us are used to use filters. Well that’s what we’re gonna change here.

In this course, you will get to learn:

  • The core and basics of color correction
  • About exposure and contrast and how they affect your video
  • About highlights and shadows and how they affect your video
  • About whites and blacks and how the affect your video
  • The details about color grading with curves, color wheels etc
  • How to use secondary color sections in color grading to change specific portions in your video
  • The color grading process step by step.
  • How to apply a color grading to all of your videos in the editing timelineand so on!

There are total 4 quiz added for students which will be very easy and simple to answer if you follow the course and practice yourself. Yeah! I would suggest to watch one lecture and practice it, then move forward to the next one. It’s always important to apply what you’re learning in real life so that your learning lasts long enough.

Enroll now today to learn all about color correction and color grading inside Adobe Premiere Pro!

Who this course is for:

  • Entry and beginner level video editors

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