Brilliant Change Management – Trusting Your Expertise

Brilliant Change Management – Trusting Your Expertise

Develop your credibility – Acquire the valuable skills that allow your colleagues to trust you as you initiate Change


  • No prerequisites. However, if your ambition is to move to a more senior role in your profession, you should follow this course. Being able to operate the mechanics of Change management in an organisation is now one of the major skills needed by all managers today, and those who possess those skills are highly sought after, and best placed to lead the Change. Soft skills strategies are vital as they enhance your professional credibility. We’ve designed the content of this webinar both for individual study and for team development


Although I’m new to Udemy, in over 20 years of working as a presenter and facilitator, I’ve delivered well over 2,000 LIVE seminars in over 20 countries. I’ve also taught in university at post-grad level. Please check out my real-world business experience when you scroll down to my profile.

Our world of constant Change is becoming ever more demanding. Managing this change effectively is now one of your primary responsibilities. We need the strategic overview and the practical skills to develop new relationships – with our work colleagues, with our customers, with our suppliers – in fact, with everyone!

Your skills as a manager of Change will become more important as your career progresses. Develop them now – become proactive rather than reactive; show your colleagues, your superiors as well as all who report to you, how you can confidently control the demands of real Change. And watch as they turn to you for strategic guidance!

  • Everyone’s first response to Change seems to be a wish to resist it. Learn to allow for and then turn this initial resistance into a positive response
  • Take your people with you – by developing a convincing rationale for the Change
  • Structure your Change – use a model to provide consistency – choose the most appropriate model for your needs from the five established models that we offer
  • Using your chosen model, create the ‘road map’ of the steps which define the Change
  • Create a company-wide Vision (where you are going) and your new Mission (how you are going to get there)
  • Involve everyone! Using psychometrics helps here. We explain why psychometric profiling might help you, and we recommend some of the most appropriate tests so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs
  • Select and induct your ‘Ambassadors’ – those vital colleagues who will work with you to move the Change
  • Install Communication Modes that reach everyone and reflect the concerns of all who are affected
  • ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ skills are vital – you and your Change team will need them. Have you got them or can you access them? (I’m particularly thinking about coaching and communication skills here)
  • Try to minimise the ‘Boss Element’. Develop and use the influencing skills of the Coach for a better outcome
  • ‘Housekeep’ the Change to prevent everyone from regressing to their previous habitual behaviours
    A variety of quiz questions is there to highlight the most important concepts, while thought-provoking assignments enable you to adjust and amend your ideas into your own Change Management model

Who this course is for:

  • Change constantly affects every organisation – and it’s getting faster. Soft skills strategies are vital as they enhance your professional credibility. We’ve designed the content of this webinar both for individual study and for team development. Managers who are able to design and control the Change in their organisations perform a vital and much needed service. Your knowledge of how to manage Change will add significant value to your professional standing, and your understanding of both the strategic and tactical needs of Change Management adds immediate value to your credibility.

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