Android Automation by Python – EASY dive in

Android Automation by Python – EASY dive in

Did you ever think that you can create an AUTOMATED BOT so easily? **Don’t miss the course, LEARN 2 EARN


  • ** You need NOT have any coding experience to start this course ***
  • non Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
  • Basic python knowledge, basic knowledge to use the computer and install the software.
  • Real android device, it doesn’t matter what’s the android version, it’s an old or new one!
  • Nothing else , You will learn everything you need to know ! Follow the steps and you will handle it .


Hello Everyone.

in short, way I’ll explain the course :
In ** Few hours**  you will be able to write python scripts to control your android device.

“Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Automation Android Even If You’ve Never Programmed Before.

How can this course help you to earn money?
with learning this course you will be able to go to the freelancing market in 1 Day, you just need to follow the steps and make your online services on platforms like fiver, Upwork, freelancer, etc.

What is the Vision? 

let’s talk about use cases, some examples can make clearify why I made this course, how can turn it into real cash by saving time and automating tasks. have the vision to create a script for doing the task in an automated way helps, you can write the steps and think like how you can make BOT to do the things for you without effort! for example. the bot will unlock the phone, going to set, adjust, or active some items, you can run single click to do 20 taps task! It sounds fun, right? or you want to get some information from some application, instead of checking that application each time you can write a loop in the script to BOT to that for you and you lay down and see the wanted result.

What you will learn? 
together will do all steps, from preparing android device, installing software on computer and important function and features should be known to write the amazing scripts to automate and make test projects

About  Questions : 
first of all, it’s my pleasure to enroll in the course, I made this course for sharing my knowledge with all people around the world to help them learn the skills to can earn easily from home, I’ll check all the questions and issues you will have on the way within 3 days at maximum. please do not downrate if you have any issue just ask and I’ll help you to solve the issue, I try to make so UNIQE course with avoiding to explaining non-sense topics.

Wish you all the best of luck

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to create automation on virtual or physical devices to do tasks
  • Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
  • Any Software engineer who are interested in Mobile Technologies
  • Anyone who want learn about Q/A Testing

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