Advance Music Theory, Harmony & Music Arrangement

Advance Music Theory, Harmony & Music Arrangement

Arrange music for melody line


  • Be able to read sheet music.


This is a tutorial of music theory for intermediate or higher level music students.

(If you are a beginner, then you should check out the Music Theory, Melody Writing & Dynamics tutorial.)

Who want to know musical terms to writing music in proper way.

I focused on teaching the advance contents of musical terms melody and harmony.

How to write bass line and use of triad and broken chord during  music arrangement.

You will learn the writing melody and harmony by the end of the lecture.

Who this course is for:

  • music student
  • music composer
  • music writer
  • song writer
  • music orchestrator
  • intermediate or advance level music student
  • musical instrument player
  • Advance level music student
  • film scorer
  • game music composer
  • who want to became music composer?
  • music teacher
  • music learner
  • music programmer
  • music producer

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