Advance Excel Arrays – Series-6

Advance Excel Arrays – Series-6

Excel Arrays – Most powerful formulae


  • You should be a well versant with excel formulas. Formula knowledge is must to learn arrays.


This course is talking about arrays use in advance excel. This course is for those students who want to  do the super complex things easily using arrays, Course is planned for all basic and intermediate excel users who knows excel formula very well.

Practical projects are also a part of this series so that we not only understand fundamentals but see the real use of arrays in excel world.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to overcome the complex challegnes often faced in excel and then they have to solve the problems using many steps. With powerful arrays now you can do almost anything .
  • if you like to see the longest formulas where you go and use more than 5 functions in single formula then this series is for you.

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