9 Galactic Tools For Self Mastery On Earth

9 Galactic Tools For Self Mastery On Earth

Earth is a school where we have come to heal and integrate. Let’s tune into your multidimensional mastery!


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We have all come to Earth from higher dimensions of consciousness. Many are waking up to their soul memories.  In this course I will go into the main mastery tools that we can implement in our lives that will help us understand and navigate its journey.  To truly master something we must come to understand it on the deepest levels. We are then meant to use the knowledge as wisdom to help ourselves and to help others. 

We are all here to heal and help each other along the way. That is why generations that have come before go on to teach generations that will come after.  It is a constant energy flow and cycle that serves our evolution of transformation and re integration back into the One unified field we are all a part of. Understanding this frame work helps us to reawaken the cellular and etheric memory.  It serves as a code that when people are ready, they will simply remember.

Together we will dig into the concepts of polarity and our illusion of a separated reality. Coming to see that this illusion is all meant to be in place because it serves our soul in evolving on multidimensional levels.  Everything that takes place is part of an ebb and flow. An in breath and out breath.  If we can work with this rhythm, we can move with the flow of the Universe and be open to receiving the incredible gifts this life has to offer.

First we must learn how to master our thoughts, emotions, pain, pleasure, physicality, ego, resistance, and finally integrate back into the one unified Source. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who feel connected to the worlds beyond this world. If you feel you are a starseed here on Earth to help the healing and transformation of the planet, this channeled course will help to navigate the waters of this matrix. Learn tips and tools to use daily and receive downloads that will assist in the full understanding of this Earth experience.

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