7 Day at home Yoga Challenge

7 Day at home Yoga Challenge

Yoga: A way to lead healthy and happy life


  • Spirit to keep your body and mind fit
  • Ability to dedicate at least 30 minutes everyday


Starting and maintaining a daily yoga practice is difficult for anyone, so a challenge is a thoughtful way to provide an easy start, welcome breaks, and deeply satisfying ends. You may find that daily yoga practice will help you shift toward a happier, healthier, more joyful way of living. This 7-day at-home yoga challenge will teach you how to use your breath to engage your core, twist, and backbend with, side stretch, and forward fold with ease, then bring together everything you’ve learned in this series that is accessible for everyone.

About the course and how it will be helpful?

This 7-day at-home challenge yoga course is fun and creative if you are procrastinating your fitness and mental well-being. It includes light and easy full-body stretches which is great to start off with your regular routine.

With these 7 days of practice, you will start noticing changes in your body – as the yoga flow includes

  • thigh stretching
  • spine flexibility
  • arm strength
  • hip mobility
  • heart opener yoga asanas
  • shoulder opening
  • side bends
  • back-bends
  • and forward bends

By the end of this 7-day program, you will find yourself as a more relaxed and stress-free person with a flexible and strong body and mind. Whether you’re a beginning student or a seasoned practitioner, younger or older, this series has everything for everyone.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is keen to explore the journey of yoga to lead a stress-free life

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