1-Arabic Tayseer– Simplifying Arabic For Beginners–PART ONE

1-Arabic Tayseer– Simplifying Arabic For Beginners–PART ONE

Learn Arabic in the easiest way


  • Have studied the Arabic alphabet


This series of courses is made for the beginners who haven’t learnt Arabic before, but they just know its alphabet. It will facilitate their learning process, and provide them with the vocabulary and structures that form the foundation for the following steps in their journey of learning Arabic. This series presents Arabic as a living language that can be used in communication, It addresses topics from daily life such as: self-introduction, introducing others, schooling, housing, work, shopping, traveling, and spending holidays.

In this series of courses, language elements – including vocabulary and structures – are presented according to a step-by-step plan that is suitable for beginners who haven’t learnt Arabic before. It also aims at developing the different language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

It was taken into consideration that most of those who are willing to learn Arabic are Muslims who are mainly learning Arabic to understand their religion, So many Quranic words were included for this purpose      in addition to a number of Ayaat and Ahadeeth that the student can learn through the lessons.

This series of courses consists of twenty-four lessons, all of them share a common structure and organization, as each lesson consists of the following elements: vocabulary and expressions, sentences, grammar rules, texts and exercises. These lessons are interspersed with a number of tests in addition to a final comprehensive one.

Regarding the vocabulary and expressions, they came in the form of a list in the beginning of each lesson. The choice of them depended on a certain phased-plan to avoid the occurrence of a sudden increase in their number.

With regard to the sentences, they were a means to present the book’s vocabulary in various meaningful contexts, as it’s essential and so important to know that words should not be presented to the learner separated and isolated from a meaningful context. Quite the contrary, they should appear in suitable sentences and contexts that clarify their meanings. The learner is required to study these sentences well, and repeat them frequently, in order to let them be relevant to his world, and expand his vocabulary with time.

Concerning the grammar rules, they – in most of the cases – were presented implicitly and indirectly as this is the most appropriate way to present them to the learners especially in this stage. The focus was on the functional rules. These rules were presented in a thoughtful plan.

As for the texts, the target vocabulary was employed in them. These texts were dialogues and narrative texts. It was taken into account when preparing them that they should be close to the realistic language that could be used in real life.

And as for the exercises, they came at the end of every lesson and were of different kinds addressing the different language skills.

After the student finishes these preliminary courses, he’d better turn to his main goal and focus on achieving it. So, if your target is to understand Quran and the Islamic texts, you can study our courses about “The Stories of The Prophets” as this will be a very good step after these current courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn Arabic
  • Non Arabs
  • Muslims who want to understand Quran and Hadeeth

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